Katedra architektury zve všechny studenty k účasti na Zimní škole v Telči. Pro registraci a podrobnější informace se obracejte na: jana.horicka@fsv.cvut.cz

WINTER SCHOOL in TELČ is a workshop providing an experience of international and interdisciplinary teamwork. It takes place on 13-18 February 2017 in the UNESCO town centre of Telč (CZ). The subject of the workshop is related to the UNESCO town itself. The subject of the workshop is a conception study of refurbishment and extension of the historic buildings no. 70 (civic house) and 71 (former manor granary) at the main square, both listed heritage. These objects are used by a public Elementary Art School, but do not fully meet its operation needs.

Students will work in mixed teams from all participating universities: Danube University Krems, Czech Technical University Prague, Masaryk University Brno. The primary workshop language is English. However, the results will be presented in Czech, to enable public and municipality participation.